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75 Must Visit Tourist Places In Kerala
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Kerala is known as God’s own country for a reason. One of the most visited places in India, Kerala is the most favorite tourist attraction of the country. Kerala is the home of Ayurveda and Kalari Payattu, the greatest ancient martial arts in the world. Kerala is also the land of the most amazing and welcoming people of the country and is blessed with backwaters and the serene beauty of nature. The capital of Kerala is Trivandrum, which is also the political hub of Kerala. Kerala is known for the highest literacy rate and sex ratio in India. It has been termed as the most progressive state in India and is now ruled by the communist party, headed by Pinarayi Vijayan.

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Here is the list of 75 Must Visit Tourist Places In Kerala

Wayanad, Kerala

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       Wayanad is a heaven of wild animals and forests. The lush green of this peaceful place is a space to rest all your worries. Wayanad is famous for its cool climate and is the ultimate tourist destination. It is known as the spice garden of India and is spread across hills covered with spices and untouched woods. Fresh morning and spices adorned air to breathe are some of the promises this small place gifts you. Misty mornings with the music of wild fauna and the fragrance of black pepper, cardamom, fenugreek, black cumin, coffee, and more. The city is also filled with wildlife sanctuaries, reserves, protected areas, and national parks. Wayanad also contains different terrains like mountains, plains, and valleys. If you are planning for an adventure, like trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, or camping, then this city should be on your bucket list. Another fun fact about the city is that India’s largest earth dam and Asia’s second-largest earth dam Banasura Sagar Dam is present in Wayanad. 

Wayanad is home to many caves and one of the most popular ones is the Edakkal caves. It is filled with paintings from the 6000 b.c. and one needs to set out on an adventure to reach the place. Trekking through the Ambukutty Mala is a trip to look forward to and is a 45 minutes exhaustive yet worthy task. The painting on the top provides insightful information on the past and their livelihood.

Take a peaceful walk with nature on Kuruva Island in Wayanad. It is the abode of thousands of rare spices and fauna spread across 950 acres of land. It is surrounded by the mystic beauty of the Kabani river, a famous river in Kerala. With bamboo trees, boating and rafting this is the place to relax and get rid of your worries.  

Find solace and be one with nature in the Wayanad district of Kerala. Chembra Park is an isolated natural dwell area with a pond in the middle of the lush green Nilgiri hills. It is the tallest peak in Wayanad and you can picnic here with permission from the forest department of Kerala. You should visit the perennial Pookode Lake to experience the freshwater bliss which lies at the valley bed of evergreen hills and is filled with blue lotus flowers. It is also included in the Wayanad tourism package of Kerala, but you can go boating even when you are alone.

Want to visit the most heavenly viewpoint on the Earth? Neelima viewpoint is the ultimate destination of it. If you like adventures and trekking this is the right spot to visit. It is a place to be conquered and you to take dangerous yet fun to travel to. The majestic hill is adorned with a breath-taking waterfall called Meenmutty falls. The view from the place is a souvenir to carry with you for the rest of your life.

Wayanad is also famous for Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary, an extensive sanctuary that lies in the Western Ghats of Kerala. You can experience the wildlife and witness elephants, deer, bears, and leopards as a common sight. With nature at its heart and fog mysteriously cover the place, this will make a perfect vacation place to visit in Kerala. 

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Alappuzha, Kerala

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Alappuzha, a beautiful village in Kerala is also called the ‘Venice of the East’. This breath-taking place is known for backwaters and houseboats. The houseboats in Alappuzha are a reformed version of Kettuvallams, in which Kettu means a living structure and Vallam means water. With coastal delicacies and cuisines, Alappuzha is a complete treat for visitors. Dotted with coconut trees and Coir-making factories, Alapuzzha never forgets to surprise you. There are many cultural resorts to stay in Alappuzha and you can even go for houseboats which gives you a perfect place to enjoy the water view and the fisheries. 


Alapuzha contains a wide range of river streams flowing to the sea and is situated between the Arabian sea and a network of many rivers. Kuttanad, a scenic place in the Alappuzha district of Kerala is known as the ‘rice bowl of Kerala’ and is filled with paddy fields when the Viceroy of the East India Company, Lord Curzon visited Alapuzzha he was stunned by its natural beauty and called it ‘the Venice of the east.’ Just like Venice, Alapuzzha is filled with criss-cross roads and numerous bridges along the backwaters. Alappuzha is also an active place of literature. The beauty of the place was hailed in multiple poetry and became the setting more many movies and was even found in ancient Sangam literature. It is said that Alapuzha has trade relations with the ancient Romans and Greece in the Middle Ages.

One of the most visited places in Alappuzha is Alleppey Beach, where you can enjoy the calm beach and the network of rivers merging one with the sea. There is also a famous sand art festival conducted in Alleppey beach every year. You can also chill with the various adventurous sea sports and other activities on the beach. Marari beach is another favorite vacation spot for many tourists. It was also named among one of the five ‘Hammock Beaches’ in the world.

Vembanad lake, known as the longest lake in India is the destination of the famous boat race in Kerala and is filled with Kettuvallams or houseboats. You can visit during the season to view the splendor of the Nehru Trophy Boat Race. Pathiramanal, a perfect place for bird watchers and study birds is also located in Alappuzha. With more than 91 species of local and 50 migratory birds, it is a visual treat for bird lovers.

A must place to visit in Alappuzha is the oldest structure of the location, the Alappuzha lighthouse. It is located in the busiest port of Kerala and was constructed in 1862. You can witness the beauty of the place by standing on the top with a 360-degree view.

A quintessential religious sacred place to visit in Alappuzha is the Sree Krishna Temple which was erected between the 15th -17th centuries AD. It is called ‘Dwaraka of the South’ and is famous for the Pal payasam, and the deity, Parthasarathi. The place is also known for its majestic, traditional architecture and the huge pond which the locals call ‘Ambalakulam’. A similar place to visit in Alappuzha is the Karumadi village, where you can find a broken granite statue of Buddha with healing powers. With much more mysteries and stories, Alappuzha should be there on the bucket list of all nature lovers. 

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Munnar Hill Station, Kerala

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 Munnar, Kerala

The most eminent place in Kerala, Munnar is a hill station bustling with the songs of birds and wild animals. Munnar is a hill station that is situated on the western ghats of Kerala. With its cold temperature, that sometimes drops to negatives and leads to snowfalls is a favorite destination of tourists coming from other regions of the world.

Historically, Munnar was the summer resort of the British and they constructed railways that brought development and led to the looting of the region. The rich fertile soil of Munnar is ideal for the cultivation of tea leaves, and the leaves that were brought from Assam and China were planted on the hills of Munnar, and now, it becomes one of the major tea-exporters of the country.

Munnar is well-known for its placid nature, green-hued hills, and the rivers that lie in the valleys. It is also home to various endangered species and offers an unforgettable experience with nature.

In Munnar, the spectacular view of nature is further enhanced by the huge dams of Mattupetti and the large river beds in Periavaru and Nallathanni. The chilling climate is essential for the variety of cultivations that exist in this place. The place exhibits so many exotic flora and practices table farming.

The place also contains wild sanctuaries and protected lands. Salim Ali bird sanctuary is filled with rare animals and elephants that are most often photographed. The Nilgiri Tahr is another extremely rare species that can be spotted on the hills of Munnar. You can see them closer and even touch and feed them when you visit the Nilgiris of Munnar. During particular seasons you can witness the once-in-a-lifetime beauty of “Neelakurinji” flowers, small pink flowers dotted on the hills to make a breath-taking view like a pink blanket covering the heights.

Munnar also has several waterfalls, the most known is Atukkad Waterfall, which provides you an unflustered experience. Because it is a hill station, it is covered with various viewpoints, and among them, the most popular one is the photo point that gives you a grander view of the serene nature. Filled with woods and pines Munnar is a romantic destination for newly-weds.

The flower show of Munnar is recognized as the biggest one in Kerala and displays myriad varieties of flowers that you can not only enjoy but also buy from the stores.

Want to seek some adventure, the slides of Munnar is the best place to do it. Trekking and camping on the misty hills and waking up to the beauty of the forest is another attraction of the place. The place is filled with resorts of all prices and provides various activities like elephant rides and a campfire.

The tea plantations, sandalwood forest, tree houses, and whatsoever, Munnar is a whole package when it comes to surprises. Enjoying instant tea while being at the tea plantation is a totally fresh and new experience. You can also take a Safari to Eravikulam National Park to be with nature and relish a Shikara ride in Kundala lake.

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Cochin, Kerala

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One of the most advanced cities in Kerala, Kochi is a place to chill and enjoy the ethnicity and sea with a touch of western culture. It’s the land where history sleeps and is filled with stories of colonization and progress. The shopping hub of Kerala, it is also home to one of the busiest markets that have spices to clothes to utensils. Kochi is also the favorite place for thriving artists and people who bring aesthetics to the living environment. If you visit Kerala, Kochi is the place that gets it all from culture to modernity without compromising quality. Moreover, the most amazing seafood and night markets are the most attractions of this small city. Kochi is also the entertainment hub with the most famous amusement park in Kerala, Wonderla, museums, and Kerala Kathakali performances.

Cochin cannot be separated from its beaches. With tons of secret and private beaches spreading across the city, Andhakaranazhi beach is located near Pattanakkad. This beach also has a lighthouse is famous among people for the plethora of movies made using the scenic beauty of this place. Another most visited beach in Kochi is the Cherai beach. Afternoons at Cherai are a different vibe all together will meditations and yoga along with the beautiful sunset.

The most noticeable thing in Kochi is the cheena-vala or Chinese fishnets, a way of fishing introduced by the Chinese when they came to India. Apart from the scenic beauty, Kochu contains the largest archeological museum site, the infamous Hill Place. It was the residence of Cochin Maharaja and displays the traditional construction style of Kerala. This is a mansion type of building spread across 54 acres of land. You can find the weapons, manuscripts of ancient times and also can enjoy the deer park and children’s park built inside this site.

Kochi is the place where different cultures intersect. Kochi also contains some Jewish population who migrated to India and stayed in India during pre-colonial times. Thus, Cochin Jewish Synagogue is a tourist site, as it is one among the few Synagogues in India. There is also a Jew Town in the area that holds the sacred Jewish artifacts and ornaments.

Malayattoor, another religious significant site of Cochin is believed to  be the place where the Christian saint St. Thomas came when he arrived in India. It is a regular pilgrimage center with people from all over South India walking barefoot to the hill during the holy week.

Willingdon Island is the largest artificial island of India is also located in Kochi. This island is named after the Viceroy Lord Willingdon and contains most of the official offices like Navy, Customs, Fisheries. This island connects Kochi with other seaports, therefore is known for its financial and trade vitality also. It is a beautiful place created with flowers and unique architecture and contains many luxurious hotels and resorts too.

Among all the ports and busy buzz don’t forget to pay a visit to the most calming and relaxing waterfall of Kochi, Areekkal waterfalls. The waterfall is situated in the middle of a thick rubber plantation. This is the best-loved place for many bikers as well as locals who need to have a serene bath with nature. 

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Kumarakom, Kerala

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The land of water bodies and Ayurveda, Kumarakom is a well-known honeymoon destination and one of the most visited places by tourists. This small village lies in the Kottayam district of Kerala. It is a small island that lies at the veins of the largest lake in South India, Vembanad kayal or lake. Filled with coconut trees and a wide variety of fishes, the locals of the place earn their livelihood selling fishes. The scenic beauty of the region travels beyond its travel boundaries and people flood the region to enjoy the fresh seafood and the spicy delight from the local toddy shops.

The vast speared Backwaters of the region beautifully reflect the coconut trees surrounding the region, and leave the visitors awe-struck with its impeccable embellishments. The region also offers a spectacular view with its paddy fields, and the travelers can spend a day enjoying and studying about the paddy fields.  The region is bursting with green-hue and this serenity is all you need to let go of all your anxieties.

Kerala, Kumarakom is famous for its Backwater tourism projects and brings huge revenue to the state through it. Like Alappuzha, in this place also you can enjoy a calmful ride on houseboats and catching fish lively while traveling. Houseboats or kettuvallams are similar to hotels and have rooms and other luxurious necessities inside it. Whether it be a family picnic or a honeymoon trip, houseboats will give you a completely new experience.

Relaxation is a priority in the promises of Kumarakom. You can ease up and appreciate an Ayurvedic spa that provides traditional treatments to various pain and fractures of the body. With certified and ancestral wisdom, the experts of Kumarakom gives you an unforgettable experience with their oil massages. This place facilitates you with spiritual nourishments and you can rejuvenate the experience further in life. Flexibility and relief from body joint pains, at the same time aromatic treatments and calming music, Kumarakom will aid you to take an inner journey to yourself. It also contains some popular pilgrimage destinations, related to Christian saints.  

Apart from delicacies and relaxation if you are into adventure, then this is a place for that too. In Kumarakom, Vembanad lake is the place where you can relish various kinds of sports activities like yachting, angling, and boating. This small place is filled with surprises and according to your taste you can find pleasure in engaging in it.

Along with the pleasant nature and the different diversities of flora and fauna that exist in this region, the place is also a cultural hub. People from all parts of the country and religion come together in Kumarakom to escape into the exquisiteness of landscape. The weather of the place is pleasing and lovely and the trees provide shades in case of overly sunny days. It has appeared in many movies because of its view and greenery. Kumarakom encompasses numerous luxury resorts with traditional Kerala architecture to enjoy a full vacation. The palace-like structures intensifies your pleasure in visiting this small countryside. 


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Vagamon, Kerala

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The cold misty mountains of Vagamon are an unforgettable memory to take home with. A place of incredible beauty and green silky mountains is what Vagamon is for you. This small place in Kerala, is a heaven on Earth, with its misty covered wet hills and miscellaneous water sprouts. Vagamon is a chill place and is well-known among the tourists from all around the world for its lush greenery and the songs of birds.

The place’s weather makes it a perfect place for farming and cow farming. The place is a living forest where you can see very few locals who engage in massive cow farming, herding their pets among the naturally trimmed green lands. Vagamon is famous for the varieties of cows that are found in one of the priest’s homes called Kurisumala Ashram. An Ashram is a place where Christian priests delve, and they take care of the rare species of cows. It is a massive farm spread across acres of the land and the milk is produced and later sent across Kerala. The farm is known for its peaceful environment and you can find sages inside the farm meditating and priests engaging in farming activities.

Another popular place to see in the Vagamon is the pine forest that is open to everyone without a pass. The forest is a visual treat for nature lovers and you can enjoy and pick dry pines, all while being there with nature. The forest also gives you a calm environment and is thick and dense with tree canopies.

What people regionally call Mottakunnu which can be roughly translated to egg-shaped-hills, is another attraction of the place. Mottakunnu is filled with low-lying grass that does not grow more than angle length. This is due to the heavy wind that blows through the region almost every season of the month. With several low hills covered with a heavy mist that you cannot see the person standing next to you, is a perfect place to be on a cold winter afternoon. For people who like to picnic, this is the locale for you. you can climb the small tree-sized hills and run or have family time in there. It also has several small fountains that can be found beneath the joining point of the hills.

This is a place filled with stunning view-points. The journey to the place itself is an adventure, with the high slopes of hills, and the narrow roads. Vagamon is located high above the sea-level, so you need to travel through the top of a hill, where the roads are constructed craving the rocks out of the hill. On the top, you can enjoy the scenic and tremendous view and to make the experience even better there are statues of a wild tiger constructed on the heights. The massive waterfalls springing from these hilltops are another view to enjoy. You can find several hotels to stay in the middle of the forest, or even stay in houses and celebrate a day with campfires and local food. 


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Thrissur, Kerala

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Thrissur is the abbreviation of the Malayalam traditional word Thrissivaperoor. It is one of the oldest heritage sites of Kerala. The third-largest city of Kerala, Thrissur is the cultural capital of the state. With myriad cultural and heritage sites to visit, Thrissur is one of the most visited places in Kerala.  This holy land probably has the most temples in Kerala and is a merging site for various religions like Hindus, Christians, and Islam. The most well-known, worldwide acclaimed Thrissur pooram is known for its grandeur. This spectacular festival is held in the Theekkinkadu Maidanam during the months of April or May. Thrissur is also the dwell of many famous Hindu pilgrimage sites for Shiva and Vishnu. The roots of Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy, Kerala Lalithakala Academy, and Kerala Sahitya Academy lie in the soil of Thrissur.

The most recognized and holy locales of Kerala are situated in this place. Largest temples like the Vadakkumnathan temple, Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple and Paramekkavu temple, and the world heritage site Guruvayur temple all are present in the city of Thrissur. Prominent churches like Our Lady of Dolours Syro-Malabar Catholic Basilica, and the Our Lady of Lourdes Syro-Malabar Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral are also found in Thrissur.

The Vadakkunnathan temple, a beautiful calm place with the majestic architecture and coolness of rock, is a popular site for worshipers of Shiva and accommodates many Hindu scholars. With huge land of pilgrimage sites, the place holds thousands of Hindu marriages in a day. The place also clutches the belief that St.Thomas, the apostle of Jesus when visited established the first Christian church in India. He laid the foundation for the Kodungallur Church 2000 years ago and another one in Palayoor. Apart from this, the first mosque in India was also established in Thrissur, called Cheraman Juma Masjid in AD 629.

The Thrissur Pooram, is the biggest festival in Kerala, with about 20 elephants lining up in two rows. It is popularly called the ‘pooram of all pooram’ because of its royal look. The pooram is held in the Medam season according to the Malayalam calendar and follows months of preparation and about 36 hours of continuous celebration. Puli kali, another major festival where people color their bodies to resemble tigers and dance is a very famous attraction of the city. This is mainly performed by the trained artists of the region and is accompanied by Chendamelam. Thousands of people gather together to see this vibrant and colorful dance festival. Another important festival like the harvest festival of Kerala called Onam is also widely celebrated by the majority Hindu population of the place. Aanayoottu or feeding of elephants is another practice that is also celebrated as a major jubilant ceremony in Kerala. This is the world’s largest elephant feeding ceremony.

Other than these historical sites Thrissur has some beautiful beaches in Kerala. Snehatheeram is a visual treat for visitors with a mild breeze blowing, pampering your hairs smoothly. There is also boating in this region. The Chavakkadu beach is another place to enjoy a night with the fishermen community. The Pulimuttu, a serene rock bridge across the sea and you can walk through it to get a breath-taking view of the open sea in there. 

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Kozhikode, Kerala

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Kozhikode is one of the most populated cities of Kerala and also a city of historical and cultural relevance. It is also known by the name Calicut, is termed as the 2nd largest urban agglomeration in Kerala. Filled with beautiful beaches and rich cuisine as well as street shopping Kozhikode is a place that has something for everyone who visits the place.

During pre-colonial times, Kozhikode was a trade hub with its availability of rich spices and herbs. In fact, foreigners from other countries first visited the harbor of Kozhikode and established trade relations with India. During the time of classical period and middle ages, this city was known as the City of Spices, and the zamorins who ruled Kozhikode were one of the richest in the state. During the prehistoric period, the place was ruled by Samoothiris, an independent kingdom by independent upper-caste Hindu rulers. It was the capital of Malabar at that time. According to Indicus Analytics in 2009, Kozhikode is ranked as the second-best city to reside in India.

It is a renowned tourist destination, with lush green hills, historical sites, cultural heritage sites, and a beautiful serene view of the Arabian sea. It was the place where Vasco-da-Gama, the Portuguese explorer landed. It is recorded that Vasco-da-Gama set his foot on Kaapadu, and “discovered” India. The origin of the spice route commences in this place. The sunset of the region is so gorgeous that the memory will stay with you forever to cherish.

The Kozhikode market is so popular and thousands of people visit the place just to experience it and flow with the crowd. During the market days, there will be spices like Cardamom, cloves, pepper, etc brought from different parts of Kerala and sold in an auction. There is also a street that is famous for its sweets, the street itself is termed as “Mittayitheruvu’.

On the northern side of the state lies the scenic beauty of the city, the Backwaters of Kozhikode district of Kerala. This natural beauty is lesser-known, but an incredible place that you will regret if you miss it. It is rich in flora and fauna. Backwaters are water bodies that are attached to a river but have no current. So, the boating of the place is generally done by the natural current which makes it one of the most calmful things to experience. It is also filled with various rivulets. The Cannoli river and Kallai river are the most famous and largest rivers of the region.

Kozhippara falls is another region to visit. It lies in the borders of the Kozhikode district and the Malappuram district of Kerala. The place is full of green trees and opulent forest and in the middle, the beautiful waterfall is a treat to the visitors.

Kozhikode is prevalent for its seafood and the well-known Kozhikodan biriyani, which is a bowl of flavored rice, generally is served with chicken. People from all over the country visit Kozhikode to taste the famous Biryani and the unique tea of the region. With a majority of Muslim population, the place has various restaurants where you can enjoy Arabic food sitting on the sea-shore. 

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Kovalam, Kerala

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Kovalam is a place situated in the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala, which is also the capital of Kerala. It is only 16 km from the place and is a notoriously well-known tourist destination. The city of Trivandrum is a cultural site with the Napier museum, Padmanabhaswamy temple, and Sri Chitra art gallery.  

Kovalam is the celebrated place for its beautiful wide-spread beaches. It is an internationally legendary destination and is famed for its adjacent crescent beaches. The place attracted tourists from all over the world, for its scenic beauty and the nerving sea-sports. It became well-recognized during the time of 1930s and is a favorite summer destination in India. Packed with tourists, the place is also filled with various handicrafts and tourist-centered activities.

You can see myriad hotels and resorts in and around the area, ranging from homestays to luxurious suits. Most of these follow a Kerala tradition and welcome the guest in the Kerala style of the guest welcoming ceremony. You can also enjoy the company of the most vibrant and friendly locals of the place.

The Kovalam beach is basketed with a huge rocky promontory that traps the breeze and makes the beach calm and shady throughout the day. It is the best place to enjoy a sunbath and chill in the summer with the rich ice candies and desserts that are sold by the locals.

Many summer activities are available in the place. It’s a famous family destination and a picnic destination. There are many leisure activities to enjoy in this place, the beach itself is massive and diverse. It is big enough to accommodate thousands of people at a time the seashore is filled with shoe-lenders and party destinations. The place is also famous for its nightlife as many tourists come to the beach to enjoy the vivacious, active nights filled with songs and festivity.

The spot is perfect for Sunbathing, various sea sports like swimming, surfing, etc. you can also take advantage to relax and chill by relishing the full-body toning massages, herbal treatments, and Ayurvedic treatments. Kovalam is known for its Ayurvedic wisdom carried with the guidance of Ayurvedic doctors, and you can enjoy a day of treatments to get herbal baths and traditional oil massages to get rid of various muscle pains and stiffness. There are also cultural programs and catamaran cruising in the place to make your days of life.

Do you wish for sun tanning? Then, this is the perfect place. The tropical sun that shines throughout the day as bright as it could leave a copper tan that you always wish for on your skin. If you are planning an affordable trip to this beautiful place, then there are pocket-friendly cottages available too. The fresh seafood is another delight offered by the place. What is a holiday without fresh spicy seafood and the other varieties of Continental delicacies? The place is filled with flavorsome foods that are palatable and leave you craving for more food. 

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Thekkady, Kerala

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An untouched town in the Idukki district of Kerala lies the beautiful town near the Periyar National Park in Thekkady. A place filled with the splendor of nature and some majestic plantations to visit. Thekkady got its name from the tree ‘teak’ and the place accommodates a whole lot of them. Traveling through this place is the perfect escape from the city buzz and you can be in peace with your busy schedules. Thekkady is a place of pleasant climate and the place is filled with varieties of trees and other rare, endangered animals.

It is a perfect synonym for God’s own country of Kerala and is a perfect destination for tourists all over the world. It's a boon to the dreams of nature romantics and you can photograph several occasional birds and floras in the region quite often. The place is a famous holiday destination, as it is covered in misty green mountains and the horizons created by the illusion of water meets the sky.

The Periyar National Park is a treat to all visitors that visit the place with its lush mountains and thriving landscape that attracts many more to the place. It is home to the largest tiger reserve in India, and you can enjoy the place in all seasons despite summer or winter. It is packed with several species and what more to say, you can smell the species in the air. Filled with cardamom, tea, and coffee plantations this is a visual and aromatic treat to your daily monotonous life. It is also a beauty that is drenched in the majestic waterfalls and all you can listen to is the songs of birds and insects. There are many nature-friendly resorts to stay and you can enjoy the perfect summer vacation in Thekkady. The connecting rivers and streams that are spread across the place are an experience in itself.

There are boating services available in Thekkady and you can see and cherish the beauty of the unspoiled rain-forest and much more. The place hides tigers and if you are lucky enough you will get the opportunity to spot tigers. If you love bird watching and jungle safaris, then this is the place for you. take the delight in various adventures offered by this place.

Other than this there are many other locations to visit in this small town. The MangalaDevi Temple is a historic place where culture rests. It is a famous pilgrimage site too with people coming from different parts of Kerala. You can also enjoy a day inside the massive plantations of Thekkady, Odamade, Murukkady, and Vellaramkunnnu. The entire place is covered with greenery and experiences the thrill and calmness of the place called Chellarkovil, again covered with cardamom.

There are trekking, rafting, and jeep safaris available in Thekkady for you to relish your holidays. There are also crazy adventures like bamboo rafting and elephant safaris where you can appreciate the regal ride on the Indian elephant along the dark forest. You can also be a part of Thekkay’s vibrant spice market and buy some souvenirs before you go back to your home country.

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