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Allu Arjun is an Indian Film actor well known in the Telugu film Industry. Allu Arjun Playing as a child artist in "Vijetha" and as a dancer in "Daddy".
Allu Arjun made his adult debut in Telugu movie Gangotri in the year 2003.
Some Popular movies of Allu Arjun are
1.Race Gurram: Two brothers, who are poles apart in nature, become enemies of a gangster who aspires to become a politician. The latter succeeds in his plans, but the brothers decide to end his reign at all costs.
2.SarrainoduGana, an ex-military man, beats up corrupt people who have escaped punishment from the law. When his ladylove promises to marry him if he gives up his violent ways, he is in a fix.
3.Arya: Arya works for his friends, Ajay, a software company. A pretty girl, Geeta, joins their office and Arya falls in love with her, but when he proposes to her, she refuses saying she is already dating Ajay.

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