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2019 was a really good year for Kannada film industry. We saw some of the best movies which swung the Boxoffice. 
The veteran stars like Darshan, Sudeep & Shivarajkumar again made immeasurable mark during this year. Darshan Dboss had three releases this year which include movies like Odeya, Yajamana & Kurukshetra.
Kurukshtera was one of the big budget movies, this kannada film was produced with a budget of 75 Cr. Alothough it won the heart of many in Karnataka, it couldn't perform strongly in Boxoffice and ended up making just 82 Cr. 
Amar, a movie starring Ambareesh's son Abhishek couldn't impress the karnataka audience and thus performed way below expectation.  
99, a remake of tamil film, was received very well in Karnataka, young and teens liked this comedy star Ganesh movie which brings back memories of school days love story. 
Sudeep starer Pailwan got good hype before release and its trailer launch performed well on Youtube, it was trending on Youtube India on the day of launch. But the Pailwan didn't meet the expectation of kannada film buffs and perfomed above average in Boxoffice.
End of 2019 was blessing for Kannda movies, Avane Srimannarayana, a Rakshit Shetty starer film was thoroughly enjoyed by Kannada film audience. Avane Srimannarayana did very well from day one in the Boxoffice and can be termed as the family movie of the year.  
Yajamana, a Dboss starer action movie has to be the movie of the year, this movie got good opening and was successful in the Boxoffice too. 
Overall 2019 was a good year for actors Darshan & Rakshit Shetty whose movies perfomed way beyond expectation to win the heart of the audience. 
Please donot forget to vote for your favourite movie and do let me know which movie you liked the most and why in the comment section at the end of the list.
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