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Naga Shuarya is an Indian Film Actor who works in the Telugu film industry.
Naga Shaurya made his acting debut in Telugu language movie "Cricket, Girls, and Beer" in the year 2011.
Some Popular movies of Naga Shuarya are
1.Chalo: the story revolves around a village that is separated by Telugu and Tamil people, he gets joins in a college in that village and fall in love with Karthika.But his life takes a new turn when he discovers that she is a Tamilian from this village.
2.Aswathama: Gana (Naga Shaurya) returns from the USA for his sister's engagement and she tries to kill herself before marriage and he came to know that she is pregnant but she doesn't know how and then he traces out the mystery behind that.
3.Oohalu Gusagusalade:
4.Nartanasala: Radha Krishna runs a women empowerment institute to train women in martial arts. One day, his father forces him to marry a girl but he is already in a relationship with another woman. To be with the woman he loves, Radha takes drastic action

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