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Gopala Gopala 1
F2: Fun and Frustration 2
Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav 3
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Venkatesh | Venkatesh Daggubati | Venkatesh Movies

Venkatesh Daggubati is an Indian film actor known for his works in Telugu movies. In a career traversing 30 years, he starred in 72 feature films. He has performed a variety of roles in Telugu cinema and in some of Bollywood movies Born On 13 December 1960.

Some popular Movies of Venkatesh Are

1.F2: Fun and Frustration: two young men hope to control their wives after their marriages, their attitude often leads them in hilarious situations.

2.Nuvvu Naaku Nachav: the friendship between Nandini and Venky turns into love.

3.Kalisundam Raa: Raghu, Raghavaiah's grandson, learns the reason behind Raghavaiah and Bhaskar's fallout and decides to reconcile them.

4. Malliswari: Prasad, a bank employee in Visakhapatnam, falls in love with a woman named Malliswari. 

5.Gopala Gopala

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