Kanchana 3

Genre: comedy,horror

Director: Lawrence Raghavendra

Starring: Lawrence Raghavendra,Oviya,Vedika,Nikki Tamboli

Language: Tamil

Length: 166 Mins

Release Date: Fri Apr 19 2019

comedy ( 2)
horror ( 2)

Kanchana 3 Story

The ghost fearing Raghava (Raghava Lawrence) and his happy family comprising his mother (Kovai Sarala), brother (Sriman), sister in law (Devadarshini) and their daughter set out to Coimbatore for a family function, and there, the whole family including Raghava's cousins (Vedhika, Oviya, Nikki Tamboli) witness strange, scary incidents, and Raghava getting possessed. The subsequent events lead to the revelation of another character Kaali (Lawrence again) and how an evil minister Shankar (Tarun Arora) and his brother Bhavani (Kabir Duhan Singh) ruined Kaali and lover Rosy and their Ashram. Now how Raghava helps Kaali achieve his revenge is what the movie is all about. ReadMore>

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