Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Genre: comedy

Director: Nissar Parvez Maan Singh Arshad Khan Lalit Mohan

Starring: John Abraham,Akanksha Malhotra,Om Puri

Language: Hindi

Length: Mins

Release Date: Mon Jun 06 2011

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Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Story

The story narrates the romance between Khushi Kumari Gupta, a middle-class girl from Lucknow, and Arnav Singh Raizada, a wealthy business tycoon in Delhi.

Arnav has repressed his emotions after his parents killed themselves. He meets Khushi when she mistakenly crashes a hugely publicised fashion show he organises in Lucknow, his hometown. Due to the humiliation, Khushi and her sister travel to Delhi to live with their aunt.

Khushi takes up a job at ASR Industries, owned by Arnav, to support her family, and his grandmother employs her to groom Arnav's fiancee Lavanya. Khushi and Arnav keep meeting and their hatred gradually turns into love. Arnav cancels his engagement with Lavanya.

Arnav's brother-in-law Shyam traps Khushi's family into thinking he is single, and charms them to get engaged to Khushi. Khushi later finds out he is married to Anjali, Arnav's beloved sister, and breaks off the alliance. Shyam continues to pursue her. Arnav finds out about this, and misinterprets Khushi's involvement in the situation. He marries Khushi to stop her from uniting with Shyam and creating trouble for his pregnant sister.

Shyam further plots to abduct and kill Arnav for his property, but Khushi saves him, exposes him, and they throw him out. Anjali does not believe this and is traumatised, and they are forced to get him back. Shyam arranges a trap for Anjali and she trips on the stairs, losing her child. She finally divorces Shyam.

Arnav's grandmother reveals that Arnav's father cheated on his mother with Khushi's mother, but she defends herself by saying she was not aware of it. Arnav understands the situation of both Khushi, and her mother, who are only a victim to men like Shyam, and his father, and marries Khushi in a proper ceremony.

Arnav and Khushi later meet a child Aarav, who is brought in to falsely inherit Arnav's property by his college friend Sheetal. They reveal her truth, and adopt the orphan Aarav.

Khushi signs up for Mrs. India as her wish to do something by herself, and wins the competition. The show ends on a happy note. ReadMore>

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