Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

Genre: action,adventure

Director: David Leitch

Starring: Dwayne Johnson,Jason Statham,Idris Elba,Vanessa Kirby

Language: English

Length: 135 Mins

Release Date: Wed Jul 31 2019

action ( 10)
adventure ( 10)

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Always pulling the strings, Fast and Furious movies are always above the average level and this particular year is no different. They have brought humor, emotion, and action altogether for the completion of a wonderful movie. I would rate it 9/10 since it represents one of the best movies I have watched for this year.

Albion Ujkashi

Tue Aug 13 2019

It is one of the best part of Fast and Furious series.In this Movie ,Hobbs and Shaw are two characters who are appointed to catch a wanted criminal who has great mysterious powers.Both don't support each other but however .they work for them.It is really thrilling Movie. Many advance technology use is also displayed in this movie. I would highly recommend to watch this movie.It is now available in cinemas

Ayush Kumar

Wed Aug 14 2019

 I watched this film in Turkey 3 days ago.I haven't seen previous movies, but I especially liked Hobbs & Shaw

The subject was quite extensive and the film was extremely enjoyable to watch.I would recommend to everyone to watch. Loves from Turkey!

aysu soysal

Mon Aug 12 2019

I watched this movie excellent Graphics and sound, climax and thriller I saw without buffering. brainstorming movie with Adventure, Action, Comedy, Mystery, War,  Epic, spy etc

vishwajeet bakshetti

Tue Aug 13 2019

I saw this movie yesterday it was awesome because all the characters were played good roll/job.

Black panther has great job. first time i saw him as a negative roll. that was good. now comes towards the two main characters i,e. Hobbs and Shaw. this two guys were crazy. fully action, some comedy was good.

I saw this movie in 3d but unexpectedly i cant see anything like 3d. if i saw this in 2d so it will also be a good experience. I want to say that, there was nothing that looks in 3d.

now i am come to the point, this movie is not contained racing shoots. I noticed that there is only few shoots/scenes of race. as we knows that all the series is fully based on the race. so i was expect from this.  

Abhijit Shinde

Tue Aug 13 2019

i have watched this movies yesterday and i liked the movie and also i m huge fan of fast and furious movie series .the main highlights of the movie was the action sequences by rock .it blew my mind and once again he proved that he is the real hulk of hollywood.its worth watching the movie

gopireddy sivasaireddy

Wed Aug 14 2019

Amazing movie. It takes to u the feeling of emotion, comedy, action and etc. I am also a huge fan of series of Fast & Furious. The background make me curious. Definitely will watch again nearly.   

Dineshika Perera

Wed Aug 14 2019

I watched this movie  and I liked the movie. fast and furious series is one of the best to watch. it’s one of the best movie to watch.

afusat enitan

Wed Aug 14 2019

Hobbs and Shaw is really an action-packed movie. At first, I thought without the whole team of Fast and Furious, this movie will not be as entertaining as other films. But the acting of Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham made this movie incredibly awesome and Idris Alba also did a great job.

Ayush Mate

Thu Aug 15 2019

Films are always fast and angry are always amazing, but this year they prepared a golden gift for those who love movies speed and anger and personally I watched all the food of the film but the last I liked and deserved 10/10

kareem mohamed

Thu Aug 15 2019

Not being a fan of the Fast and Furious merchandise, I was amazed that I enjoyed the movie.  I must say, I saw it mostly because I am a  fan of both Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham.  Love the funny way that they interact together insulting each other but at the same time the work perfectly together.  I really enjoyed the Samoan Haka when Hobbs visits his family and prepare for war.  I also loved the "Black Superman" character.   It's a good movie to forget all your troubles and have some popcorn!

Mariela Feuillet

Thu Aug 15 2019

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