Genre: drama,thriller

Director: Rathna Kumar

Starring: Amala Paul,Ramya Subramanian,Ananya Ramaprasad,Sriranjani

Language: Tamil

Length: 143 Mins

Release Date: Thu Jul 18 2019

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thriller ( 0)

Aadai Story

Kamini (Amala Paul) is a media anchor with high spontaneity, courage and sense of misinterpreted feminist ideology. The character has no understanding of the dynamics between an ideology and freedom.She has been raised by a conservative mother after her father died when she was a child. Kamini and her mother (Sriranjini) are often at loggerheads about Kamini's attitude. She, her friend Jennifer (Ramya Subramanian) and 4 male friends work as a team at the #tag channel, where they have been doing spoof pranks videos on unsuspecting people with serious topics, such as murder attempt, medical emergency, etc., for 3 years. On her birthday, Kamini's mother challenges her to change into a conservative newsreader for at least once, so that she can be happy. Kamini's firm is to vacate their building by the end of the day to their own building far away. As a sentiment, the last show to be telecasted from the old building is a live news feed, to be done by Jennifer. While Kamini visits Jennifer getting ready, their views about news reading bring a challenge to Kamini similar to what her mom said earlier. Suddenly Jennifer goes missing 10 minutes before the live feed and with no way out, Kamini serves as her replacement newsreader. Despite everyone's expectation, Kamini does the job well, and Jennifer comes out of the upper floor toilet whose door got stuck. The firm vacates the building and the empty building is left without being locked for the weekend.

Kamini's gang celebrates her birthday party with alcohol and a fried rice mixed with magic mushrooms. While on a call with her mom, Kamini unwittingly reveals that she was the one who locked Jennifer so that she could prove her point. Jennifer fights with Kamini and challenges her to her own statement of reading news naked. Kamini begins to strip, and suddenly everyone gets high on the magic mushrooms. ReadMore>

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