Adriana Barraza

(65 Years)


Adriana Barraza (born March 5, 1956) is a Mexican actress, acting teacher, and director.   Read More>

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Adriana Barraza's Bio

Full Name

Adriana Barraza

Date of Birth

5 March 1956


5.09Ft. ( 155 cms. )

Adriana Barraza's Family Info

Daughter Name

Carolina Valsagna

Husband Name

Arnaldo Pipke,Carlos Valsagna

Brother Name

Eduardo Barraza,Porfirio Barraza,Jose Barraza

Sister Name

Maria Eugenia Barraza

Father Name

Eduardo Carral Barraza

Mother Name

Celia Barraza

Adriana Barraza's Gallery

Adriana Barraza's Wiki

Adriana Barraza Debut/First Movie is undefined

Adriana Barraza's Awards


Best Actress Todo lo demás


Best Supporting actress Guten Tag, Ramón


Best Supporting Actress/Feature Film From Prada to Nada


Outstanding Actress - Motion Picture Babel

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