David Russell Strathairn

(72 Years)


David Russell Strathairn (born January 26, 1949) is an American actor.   Read More>

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David Russell Strathairn's Bio

Full Name

David Russell Strathairn

Date of Birth

26 January 1949


6.00Ft. ( 183 cms. )

David Russell Strathairn's Family Info

Father Name

Thomas Scott Strathairn, Jr.

Mother Name

Mary Frances Strathairn

Brother Name

Tom Strathairn

Sister Name

Anne Strathairn

Son Name

Tay Strathairn,Ebbe Strathairn

Wife Name

Logan Goodman

David Russell Strathairn's Gallery

David Russell Strathairn's Wiki

David Russell Strathairn Debut/First Movie is Return of the Secaucus 7

David Russell Strathairn's Awards


Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie Temple Grandin


Breakaway Accomplishment Good Night, and Good Luck

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