Donald Crisp

(Age: 139 Years)


Donald Crisp (born George William Crisp, 27 July 1882 – 25 May 1974) was an English film actor. He was an early producer, director and screenwriter. His career lasted from the early silent film era into the 1960s. He won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1942 for his performance in How Green Was My Valley.   Read More>

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Donald Crisp's Bio

Full Name

Donald Crisp

Date of Birth

27 July 1882


5.68Ft. ( 173 cms. )

Donald Crisp's Family Info

Wife Name

John Crisp ,James Crisp ,Mark Crisp

Sister Name

Ann Crisp , Alice Crisp , Eliza Crisp ,Elizabeth Crisp

Mother Name

Elizabeth Crisp

Father Name

James Crisp

Brother Name

Jane Murfin ,Marie Stark

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Donald Crisp's Awards


Honorary Life Member Award


Academy Award

Best Supporting Actor

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