Fernanda Montenegro

(91 Years)


Arlette Pinheiro Esteves Torres ONM (born October 16, 1929), better known by her stage name Fernanda Montenegro, is a Brazilian stage, television and film actress. Considered by many the greatest Brazilian actress of all time, she is often referred to as the great lady of Brazilian theater, cinema and dramaturgy. She is the only Brazilian yet nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress. She is also the only actress nominated for an Oscar for a performance in Portuguese language, being nominated for her work in Central Station (1998).In addition, she was the first Brazilian to win the International Emmy in the category of best actress by the performance in Doce de Mãe       Read More>

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Fernanda Montenegro's Bio

Full Name

Fernanda Montenegro

Date of Birth

16 October 1929


5.25Ft. ( 160 cms. )

Fernanda Montenegro's Family Info

Daughter Name

Fernanda Torres

Son Name

Cláudio Torres

Sister Name

Aida Pinheiro Costa

Mother Name

Carmen Nieddu

Father Name

Vitório Esteves da Silva

Husband Name

Fernando Torres (actor)

Fernanda Montenegro's Gallery

Fernanda Montenegro's Wiki

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Fernanda Montenegro's Awards


International Emmy Award

r Best Performance by an Actress


Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award

Best Actress


National Board of Review Award

Best Actress


Silver Bear for Best Actress

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