Jeanne Moreau

(93 Years)


Jeanne Moreau ( 23 January 1928 – 31 July 2017) was a French actress, singer, screenwriter and director. She won the Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actress for Seven Days... Seven Nights (1960) (which she shared with Melina Mercouri for her role in Never on Sunday), the BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Actress for Viva Maria! (1965), and the César Award for Best Actress for The Old Lady Who Walked in the Sea (1992). She was also the recipient of several lifetime awards, including a BAFTA Fellowship in 1996, Cannes Golden Palm in 2003 and César Award in 2008. Read More>

Jeanne Moreau's Bio

Full Name

Jeanne Moreau

Date of Birth

23 January 1928


5.25Ft. ( 160 cms. )

Jeanne Moreau's Family Info

Son Name

Jérôme Richard

Sister Name

Michelle Moreau

Mother Name

Katherine Moreau

Father Name

Anatole-Désiré Moreau

Husband Name

Teodoro Rubanis ,Jean-Louis Richard ,William Friedkin

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Jeanne Moreau Debut/First Movie is César Awards
Jeanne Moreau's Awards


Honorary César


Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement


César Award

Best Actress



Best Foreign Actress

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