Luise Rainer

(111 Years)


Luise Rainer (/ˈrnər/; January 12, 1910 – December 30, 2014) was a German-American-British film actress. She was the first actor to win more than one Academy Award and, with that, the first to win back-to-back; at the time of her death, thirteen days shy of her 105th birthday, she was the longest-lived Oscar recipient, a superlative that has not been exceeded as of 2019. Read More>

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 Luise Rainer's Bio

Full Name

Luise Rainer

Date of Birth

12 January 1910


5.35Ft. ( 163 cms. )

 Luise Rainer's Family Info

Daughter Name

Francesca Knittel-Bowyer

Husband Name

Robert Knittel (m. 1945–1989), Clifford Odets (m. 1937–1940)

Father Name

Heinrich Rainer

Mother Name

Emilie Königsberger

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 Luise Rainer Debut/First Movie is Sehnsucht 202

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