Nastassja Kinski

(60 Years)


Nastassja Aglaia Kinski (born Natassja Aglaia Nakszynski, 24 January 1961)  is a German actress and former model who has appeared in more than 60 films in Europe and the United States. Her worldwide breakthrough was with Stay as You Are (1978). She then came to global prominence with her Golden Globe Award-winning performance as the title character in the Roman Polanski-directed film Tess (1979). Other notable films in which she acted include the erotic horror film Cat People (1982), the Wim Wenders dramas Paris, Texas (1984) and Faraway, So Close! (1993), and the biographical drama film An American Rhapsody (2001). Kinski is fluent in four languages: German, English, French and Italian. Read More>

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Nastassja Kinski's Bio

Full Name

Nastassja Kinski

Date of Birth

24 January 1961


5.54Ft. ( 169 cms. )

Nastassja Kinski's Family Info

Brother Name

Nikolai Kinski

Sister Name

Pola Kinski

Son Name

Aljosha Nakzynski Moussa

Daughter Name

Kenya Kinski-Jones, Sonja Kinski

Mother Name

Brigitte Ruth Tocki

Father Name

Klaus Kinski

Husband Name

Ibrahim Moussa ,Quincy Jones

Nastassja Kinski's Gallery

Nastassja Kinski's Wiki

Nastassja Kinski Debut/First Movie is The Wrong Move

Nastassja Kinski's Awards


Capri Cult Award


Actor's Mission Award


Winner Film Award in Gold

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