Van Heflin

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Emmett Evan "Van" Heflin Jr. (December 13, 1908 – July 23, 1971) was an American theatre, radio and film actor. He played mostly character parts over the course of his film career, but during the 1940s had a string of roles as a leading man. Heflin won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Johnny Eager (1942). He also had memorable roles in Westerns such as Shane (1953), 3:10 to Yuma (1957), and Gunman's Walk (1958). Read More>

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Van Heflin's Bio

Full Name

Emmett Evan "Van" Heflin Jr.

Date of Birth

13 December 1908


5.97Ft. ( 182 cms. )

Van Heflin's Family Info

Husband Name

Emmett Evan Heflin

Mother Name

Fanny Bleecker Shippey

Sister Name

Frances Heflin

Son Name

Tracy Heflin

Daughter Name

Kate Heflin,Vana O'Brien

Wife Name

Frances E. Neal,Eleanor Shaw

Van Heflin's Gallery

Van Heflin's Wiki

Van Heflin Debut/First Movie is A Woman Rebels

Van Heflin's Awards


Motion Picture


Best Actor in a Supporting Role Johnny Eager

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