Victor McLaglen

(Age: 134 Years)


Victor Andrew de Bier Everleigh McLaglen (10 December 1886 – 7 November 1959) was a British-American film actor. He was known as a character actor, particularly in Westerns, and made seven films with John Ford and John Wayne. McLaglen won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1935 for his role in The Informer. Read More>

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Victor McLaglen's Bio

Full Name

Victor Andrew de Bier Everleigh McLaglen

Date of Birth

10 December 1886


6.27Ft. ( 191 cms. )

Victor McLaglen's Family Info

Daughter Name

Sheila McLaglen

Son Name

Andrew V. McLaglen

Wife Name

: Margaret Pumphrey (m. 1948–1959), Suzanne M. Brueggeman (m. 1943–1948), Enid Lamont (m. 1919–1942)

Father Name

Andrew McLaglen

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Victor McLaglen Debut/First Movie is The Call of the Road

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