Vikram Chandra

(53 Years)


Vikram Chandra ( born 7 January 1967) is an Indian TV journalist and technology expert, who is the founder of Editorji Technologies. He was the CEO of NDTV Group from 2011 to October 2016.He is considered among the leading journalists in India today.Chandra's reputation as a journalist was built while covering the Kashmir conflict. He is the former anchor for the Nine O'Clock News and was, until recently, host of Gadget Guru and anchor of The Big Fight.Read More>
Vikram Chandra's Bio

Full Name

Vikram Chandra

Date of Birth

7 January 1967

Vikram Chandra's Family Info

Wife Name

Seema Chandra

Mother Name

Nandini Chandra

Father Name

Yogesh Chandra

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