Warner Baxter

(Age: 132 Years)


Warner Leroy Baxter (March 29, 1889 – May 7, 1951) was an American film actor from the 1910s to the 1940s. Baxter became known for his role as the Cisco Kid in the 1928 film In Old Arizona, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor at the 2nd Academy Awards. He frequently played womanizing, charismatic Latin bandit types in Westerns, and played the Cisco Kid or a similar character throughout the 1930s, but had a range of other roles throughout his career. Read More >

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Warner Baxter's Bio

Full Name

Warner Baxter

Date of Birth

29 March 1889


5.91Ft. ( 180 cms. )

Warner Baxter's Family Info

Mother Name

Jane Baxter Edwin F. Baxter

Father Name

Edwin F. Baxter

Wife Name

Winifred Bryson, Viola Caldwell

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Warner Baxter Debut/First Movie is Her Own Money

Warner Baxter's Awards


Motion Picture


Best Actor in a Leading Role In Old Arizona

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