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Naveen Kumar Gowda, known by his stage name as Yash, is an Indian film actor well known in the Kannada film industry.
Yash is known for his roles in 
1.KGF Chapter 1:Rocky, a young man, seeks power and wealth in order to fulfill a promise to his dying mother.
2.Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari: Divya falls in love with Ramachari after he saves her from a group of rascals in their college .
3.Googly: Friendship between Sharath and Swathi turns into love and later due to misunderstanding they drift apart.
4.Raja Huli: Moni, a friend of Raja, likes Kaveri, a girl from the same village. However, things take a turn when Raja learns that Kaveri loves him and not his friend.
5. Santhu Straight Forward: A middle-class man falls in love with the Rich Girl.
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